Accuracy of texts

Bible software has come a long way from its early days of development. The accuracy of texts has increased tremendously. Part of this development has come from publishers becoming more involved in developing electronic texts and providing these electronic texts to software developers.Publishers usually deliver to the software company the same Bible text electronic file that is used to produce the printed text. This means that the Bible software company can format that text and provide a text that is as accurate as the printed text. Occasionally the publisher will make corrections to the text and supply an updated file to the software developer, who can then provide an updated text for your software. It isn’t possible to do this with printed texts.

And additional benefit to using software is when adding Bible text to a word-processing document, PowerPoint presentation, or church bulletin. My years of proofreading and editing have shown me that it is more accurate to copy the text from software than it is to type the text into a document.

Having an accurate Bible text is absolutely essential. Parishioners who have a high view of the Scriptures may tolerate typographical errors in announcements, but having typographical errors in a Scripture passage projected on screen bothers them. If the pastor is sloppy in presenting the words of the biblical text, how much can the pastor’s interpretation of the same text be trusted?

Key point

Software provides accurate texts, and should always be used when copying and pasting text into a document. While it is impossible to update printed texts, software developers frequently update their electronic texts with the latest updates from Bible publishers.


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