Consulting Grammars

In my opinion, there is nothing more important for interpreting the Bible text than reading the Bible in the original languages. An important advantage when using software is the ease of accessing tools such as Greek and Hebrew grammars.

Greek and Hebrew grammars give great insights into the meaning of the biblical text. The authors of these grammars have spent much time in the biblical text, and reading their works is to consult experts on what are the most likely interpretations of the text. Printed grammars have the same information as electronic grammars, but how to access the information is very different.

Tagged Scripture references

It is very useful, and a great time-saver, if your favorite grammar discusses the verse you are studying. A printed grammar may have a Scripture index, but it is much faster to use software to find the reference in the book. Usually there are other Scripture references listed as examples of the same usage, and having the text tagged with a hyperlink makes viewing those Scripture references much faster than using a printed text.

Part of speech

It is also helpful to be able to find quickly the section in the grammar that discusses the part of speech of the word you are studying. Software makes this task much faster than that using a printed grammar. This speed advantage can make all the difference for the busy pastor!

Key point

I have found that using software to consult grammars is much faster than using printed grammars. As a result of this convenience, I use my Greek and Hebrew grammars more frequently when interpreting the text. My interpretations are better-informed and I am more confident of their accuracy. As careful interpreters, we should not neglect such useful and easily-accessible resources!


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