Why we need this blog

A few years ago I had a casual conversation with one of the professors from my seminary days. He asked me to explain how using Bible software affects Bible interpretation. I was surprised at his question since he was a librarian at the seminary and was familiar with Bible software. I gave him a cursory answer at the time,  but  I knew that there was more to using Bible software than I mentioned.

Bible software is a common tool used by scholars, professors, pastors, missionaries, translators, students, and laypersons worldwide. Yet to this point there has been little written about how the use of software affects the Bible study process for good or for bad. Most writings have been sales pitches, reviews, or blog posts about individual program features. What is lacking is an overview of what software can provide for the interpreter, what are its limitations, and how the use of software affects interpretation and how interpretation is likely to change in the future because of the use of software.

This blog is a small attempt to fill this knowledge gap. I hope that you will be a better-informed Bible interpreter as a result of our time together.