Consulting Grammars

In my opinion, there is nothing more important for interpreting the Bible text than reading the Bible in the original languages. An important advantage when using software is the ease of accessing tools such as Greek and Hebrew grammars. Continue reading “Consulting Grammars”

Searching Morphology

Printed concordances list every occurrence of a given word in the Bible. These concordances do not distinguish between the different forms the word may have in any given context. Bible software offers huge advantages over printed concordances for searching the biblical text. Continue reading “Searching Morphology”

Word Studies: Text availability

One of the best features of Bible software for Bible interpretation is the ability to search the Biblical text. Finding the occurrences of a word and seeing how it is used in context is a necessary task for Bible interpretation. Bible software has many advantages over print in this area. One major advantage, one that can affect interpretation, is the availability of ancient texts in Bible software. Continue reading “Word Studies: Text availability”