Why bother with software

When I began seminary the use of software was a novelty. The Bible software programs were in their infancy. Few electronic books were available. There was no Kindle, no EPUBs, and little valuable information on the Internet. Except for an advanced Greek grammar class where we used GRAMCORD for a project, all Bible interpretation classes were taught using printed books.

Times have changed. We can’t neglect software. It isn’t going away. Many schools are now requiring the use of software programs. Accrediting agencies emphasize the need for schools to provide training for students in the use of technology.

What hasn’t changed for many schools is their approach to teaching Bible interpretation methods. Schools haven’t leveraged the many advantages of software. Nor have they taught their students the limitations of software.

The increased availability of electronic titles affects not only Bible interpretation, but the study process in general. Students tend to be more tech-savvy than their professors, though this is changing as younger professors take their place in the classroom.

Key Point

The entire study process is changing. It is important for professors to be familiar with the ways that their students are using technology and how that technology will affect their study process.


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