Software portability

One of the great advantages of software is its portability. As we can see by the example of thousands of school children’s backpacks, it is a chore to carry even a few large books. With software it is painless to carry a few thousand titles on a small device.

This portability is especially useful for missionaries, who may be unable to take a large library on the foreign field. However, it is not only missionaries who can benefit from having portable Bible study tools. Many pastors study in coffee shops or meet with parishioners in restaurants. Having portable study tools enables pastors to spend extra minutes studying that would otherwise be wasted time.

Professors and students benefit from having portable Bible study tools, as well. Professors work hard at home and in their offices to develop material to enrich their classroom teaching, but then have to leave most of their books in their office when they enter the classroom. With Bible software and projectors, the students are able to enter the professor’s study process by seeing the same content as the professor and follow along as the professor walks through the interpretive process. Students further benefit by being able to take their Bible software with them to the classroom, the library, the coffee shop, and the student center throughout the day. This portability provides extra study time that would otherwise be lost.

Key point

While it may not be necessary to have all of your software tools or library with you on a portable device, it is valuable to be able to do some study while you are away from your desk and your library. I have completed entire sermons and Bible studies while traveling on a plane, sitting in a restaurant, and while waiting for people.


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